Thursday, April 30, 2009

To me, this AC/DC track is the best running song.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I have a faint hint that it was once played on PTV, with Urdu dubbing. Back then, maybe I was too young to understand Carl Sagan. Now, on this weekend, I watched 6 episodes of it. Regardless of the fact that it is a documentary of the ever-changing world of science, after almost 30 years it never ceases to amaze, even the most skeptical.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am not sure how many people enjoy their daily routines but sometimes I can't hate anything more. Last weekend, I decided to escape this hell of concrete, heat, noise and insecure phonies whose lives are driven by other insecure phonies. 

So, on Friday evening, I came back from office, packed my stuff and was ready to leave. No planning, no bookings, nothing. And I thought of Murree. I had been to that place just once before and that was during night so all my memories were overcast with darkness. I left home at midnight without telling anybody where I was going. My housemate thought I was going back to home. My parents thought I was in Lahore.

There's this funny thing about going to Murree: you can't be alone. You shouldn't be alone. Either people go in groups, mostly young people and families, or couples. Here's a snippet of conversation I had with bus conductor while ticket checking process...

Conductor: 'Bau Jee tusssi kallay ho?' - Dude (?) are you alone?
Me: 'Haan yaar' - Yes..
Conductor: 'Kisay nou naal leh ana see ;)' - Should have brought someone along ;) (notice the wink)
Me: 'Shayad aglay saal' - Maybe next year.
Conductor: 'hahaha' - hahaha

It was a great trip, the best I ever had. Although I was duly noted, and a few times questioned, for being alone. Only this part was weird and unexpected. I explored different places and wilderness (got a sunburn to prove). Actually I have a time-log with me. Some of it was posted to my Twitter account but all of it was written on diary I had with me. I will post that later.
Got to catch a wink.

Update 1: Here's timeline from my Moleskine...

Friday, April 17

11:03pmLeaving home...

11:34pmLocal bus didn't show up. Taking Rickshaw

Saturday, April 18

12:01amAt bus terminal

12:09amJust bought a ticket to Murree

12:30amBus is ready to leave

2:19amJust stopped at Bhera for some rest and food

5:15amIn Islamabad, G-9 I guess

5:48amA newly-wed couple on seats ahead of me just started a public show of affection. I feel odd

6:32amJust reached Murree. It's colder in here. My ears are blocked

6:44amJust checked into a hotel near GPO. Room 302 (horror). The manager asks why I am alone. Going to sleep

NoonWoke up 10 mins ago. Having a greasy breakfast of Halwa Poori. My pencil is all smeared with grease oil

12:50pmWalking towards Pindi point. Beautiful views and it's chilly

1:14pmMy feet hurt badly. Never wear new shoes on trips

1:29pmWoohoo! On Chairlift for the first time ever. Exhilarating!!!!!

1:35pmTwo boys on a chair passing by ask me if I am enjoying alone. I say yes :)

1:55pmOn the other side and into the wild. If some beast kills me here, nobody would know about that

2:21pmWalking back to hotel. Would take a nap

2:36pmOh wow, school kids running all around

around 7pmJust got up. Want to eat something. And then mandatory wandering on The Mall

7:18pmIt's too early to eat something. I would rather get some coffee

8:55pmAt Usmania restaurant. Waiter asks me if I am waiting for someone or alone

9:20pmJust had a proper meal after 3 days

10:07pmBack at hotel and watching TV

10:51pmOut again for coffee

10:54pmAs cold as it would be in Lahore during January. Should've brought jacket


Sunday, April 19

10:20amJust woke up...

11:36amChecking out of hotel. Manager gives me a nice smile. I think he robbed me

11:43amWalking towards Kashmire point, without breakfast. Yeah, let's lose some weight

12:07amAt Kashmir point and looking at snowy mountains; one more 'first ever'

1:36amIn a some kind of rural area down the road. Watching people doing daily chores

1:51pmJust helped a shy couple with couple of photos

2:10pmAt KFC. This KFC is way better than many in Lahore

2:34pmFeeling a bit homesick. I am not going to leave this place until someone asks me to

2:36pmPhone battery is low. Forgot charger home. Argghh!

3:52pmSitting on a bench below The Mall

3:55pm - 5:10pmRead Moby Dick on bench with the greatest view I ever had for reading

5:15pm - 6:15pmWandered on The Mall, there was a lonely cow on road

6:36pmHaving tea at KFC

6:39pmAn offensively beautiful girl who was standing against the glass has gone back. Did you hear a heart crack?

6:48pmDamn, she is back. I am not the stalker type but what the heck? I'm going after her

6:51pmShe is blowing bubbles in the air

6:54pmOh my, she looked at me with unsuspecting eyes

6:59pmFinally got the bench with a great view. It was never vacant. She's moved on. I just preferred a nice view over her

7:09pmI will say goodbye to this place in about two hours

7:18pmAn SUV just passed by. It's reg. number was 111. And it was written with the help of three rifle bullets. To hell with peace

7:36pmGetting cold, just like winters

8:01pmAt bus terminal

8:33pmBus leaves at 9


Monday, April 20

Around midnightAt Bhera, all empty


Update 2: Some photos from my Crackberry...

Friday, April 17, 2009

When it gets hot I stare at this screenshot for a long time and then cold air starts to breeze.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Most of the Islamic matters that use numbers, use one of these...


Monday, April 6, 2009

Insanity in individuals is something rare - but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.
Frederick Nietzsche