Tuesday, October 11, 2011

There is no doubt that Amazon Kindle is a great device. The eInk technology revolutionizes the whole book industry. It is a great experience for readers. How amazing it is to put thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers on it and have it everywhere you go and still keeping the feel of a printed book. Intrigued, I started looking for it here locally. You know whenever an iPhone, or an iPad or anything that matters, comes out and there we have it few days later. But a quick search ever after years of Kindle's release produced zero results. Guess maybe we are not crazy about book reading. That’s what nerds do anyway. So, for about couple of years, I waited for someone to come from US or UK to bring me a Kindle. Finally, an amazing miracle happened.

An old friend of mine, who went to London for studies, came Lahore to get married. I was thrilled to meet him after four years. We really couldn’t get time to catch up until a day after his marriage he drove all the way from Gujrat to meet me. And, and, he brings a Kindle for me. It was a huge thing for me. I kept admiring the beautiful device and how screen looked exactly like paper. I put all the books I always wanted to read on it. Sent some articles from web to read. Everything was working magical. But I was so tired after seeing him off that I really didn’t get a chance to read anything. Next day, I put some more books on it, charge it full so that I could bring it to bed for lazy Sunday afternoon reading. Now the real shit happens.

I put the Kindle on bed, went to drink some water and while keeping an eye on TV, I try to lie down on bed. Suddenly in the process, I hit something with my elbow and, fuck; I had just hit the Kindle's screen. At first, I couldn't believe what just had happened. I shook it, tried to reset it, looked at it helplessly while nothing happened. It was so sudden, unbelievable and dream like that I really thought it was a bad dream. I even fucking pinched myself. I was so depressed, embarrassed, and angry with myself at the same time. How you keep waiting for something anxiously for 2 years and when finally you have it and before you can even see it properly it's gone.

Take my word for it; it's a shitty feeling.

  • Blogger Um.Я said...
    December 10, 2011 at 3:01 AM
    i feel sorry for u, where r u these days

    umer.faruki(ilm) here


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