Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Being one of my acquaintances results in instant observation that how big a candy lover I am. I just love to eat sweets. You can send me to a deserted island with a promise of perpetual supply of candies and I will be just fine. This is a kind of love that is transferred through generations. Somehow, as it appears, that I am only one with this enormous responsibility to carry this love forward: None of the siblings particularly like candies so much. I had two ex-roommates who met me, at different times, after years and the first question they ask is if I still go out in middle of the night to buy candies. I just laughed and they understood.

The other day I went to a local shop to buy some sugary stuff. The shopkeeper was busy arranging some stock in back of the shop so I waited. The instant shopkeeper got free and came to the counter a cute little girl of about 3 walks in. Almost simultaneously, we both put our money on counter and demand a certain brand of candy, in unison. Two candy lovers in same shop: First one is the 27 year old tallest guy you would see in a week while the other one is the 3 year old cutest little girl. I looked at tiny little fellow almost embarrassingly. She looked at me indifferently. Both sharing same passion for candies.

The shopkeeper probably realized this and smiled a little. It would have made an impressive advert for Cadbury.



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