Monday, November 1, 2010

Finally I got to read Designing Design by Kenya Hara. In this book, Hara tells us about several projects he worked on and philosophies behind they ways he chose to design. He is Creative Director at MUJI, a Japanese brand for general household stuff. One of the interesting things I knew about MUJI before reading the book was that they don't put their brand name on their products. While starting with the intro to work at MUJI, he describes the aim behind MUJI in a paragraph that both inspires and gives chill to any person who knows what the general aim of every business is.

By the way, just what is the level to which MUJI products aspire, to what extent are our customers satisfied with the products? As a brand, MUJI has neither striking idiosyncrasies nor specific aesthetics. We don’t want to be the thing that kindles or incites intense appetite, causing outbursts like, “This is what I really want,” or “I simply must have this.” If most brands are after that, MUJI should be after its opposite. We want to give customers the kind of satisfaction that comes out as “this will do,” not “this is what I want.” It’s not appetite, but acceptance. Even within acceptance, however, there is an appropriate level. Our goal is to elevate it as high as possible.

Hara discusses design just as one would dicuss philosphy of life, and he makes compelling arguments.

In a world in which the motive force is the desire to get the jump on the next person, to reap the wealth computer technology is expected to yield, people have no time to leisurely enjoy the actual benefits and treasures already available, and in leaning so far forward in anticipation of the possibilities, they’ve lost their balance and are in highly unstable situation, barely managing to stay upright as they fall forward into the next step.

The book itself is a piece of art. Haven't seen paper this beautiful, binding so powerful, and a cover that ignites senses at touch.

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