Thursday, September 30, 2010

So, well, I am not dead, yet. In fact, saved you guys from creating a "Justice for Vaqas" campaign on facebook. Turns out that first doctor I visited misdiagnosed me. That fungal thing was fiction. Kept taking the anti-fungals he gave me but of course the symptoms persisted.

Upon the extreme pressure from my dad, I visited an ENT specialist. That guy literally laughed when I told him that I though it was fungus grown all over my inside. But when I presented proof in shape of previous doctor's prescription, he fell serious. I think being part of same clan hindered him from making any degrading comments. So, after looking for a long time in my throat with a light beam he suggested that what I had was not a throat problem. It was acid refulx, a kickback from acidic stomach. Few days later his prescription wasn't working too.

So far, the match of fungus vs. acid was drawn at 1-1. I had to see another doctor in order to result in something's victory. The other doctor seemed to agree with acidic claims. Now I am swallowing the pill he gave me and it seems to have improved my condition by 0.05%.

He tells me that it is a slow process. Or, don't signout from facebook yet.

  • Anonymous asma said...
    October 1, 2010 at 10:05 PM
    create a "justice for Vaqas" page anyways .. well you never know ;P


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