Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I was about to post a huge philosophical perspective of our society and religion, but then I thought why bother if nobody gives a damn. It's like bhains kay agay been bajana. I know it's a kind of cliché but apt nonetheless.

So, what I have been up to, you ask? Well, nothing spectacular in particular. Couple of highlights are that we (me and three colleagues) went to Kaghan Valley. That was so far the most beautiful place I ever visited, especially Lalazar. Also, I finished reading The Brothers Karamazov couple of weeks ago. I don't think I can comment about that in a line or two but suffice to say that The Brothers Karamazov is one of the most influential books I have ever read. Much I hate to re-watch movies or re-read novels, but I think I will read that again, sometime when I am more disappointed in myself and society in general.

I hope to be a posting regularly now.



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