Monday, April 5, 2010

Most of the time there are more than one solutions to a single problem. A solution is simply a tool and choice of a proper tool is important and tells a lot about a person.
I have an example to illustrate this.

Problem: You have an office in a nice building (in fact just short of a 4-star hotel) but there's an issue of insects. They are virtually everywhere in the kitchen. Problem is that when things like sugar, coffee, tea whitener etc are used tiny insects rush to get in open bottles and jars. When someone gets in there whole material has to be disposed and utensils washed off. Needless to say, you are required to be careful and never to leave anything open. To err is human, right? A few times someone forgets something or maybe becomes a little less careful, or even interesting yet, an insect is blessed with some superpowers and rushes in quicker than you expected. Let's say this is recurrent and insects just can't be killed since a new battalion would come from neighborhood soon. What would you do if you are management in-charge there?

Solution 1: You ask people to be more careful. Repeat your instructions often. It's obvious that somebody's mistake helps them get in the bottles. You put a huge text up there in kitchen that mentions "insects' shit" plus more. What then if this still happens? Put a fine on anyone who makes this mistake. Publicly bash him. He would automatically be careful next time.

Solution 2: You buy better utensils. Buy a dispenser or something that doesn't have to be closed manually, and shuts itself automatically when you take your thumb off the button. You spray anti-insect frequently.

Which solution sounds better? #2, right? Here's how...
Solution 2 is more "human" than Solution 1. Things and circumstances have to be molded around human beings instead of vice versa. It's man's dignity which should be preferred instead of sugar and tea whitener. Rules are OK only when there's no alternative. You don't have to thrust limits and punishments upon yourself and your fellows. Innovate!

It's a painful reality that we do not often think of Solution 2. We all love and implement Solution 1. There's shortage of electricity? Please stop using electricity. Ever saw an ad saying that please eat less biscuits because we are running out of wheat and eggs?

There's always an innovative and dignified solution that we should look for. It's only a matter of the way one thinks.

  • Anonymous asma said...
    April 6, 2010 at 5:46 PM
    we used to have regular intense insecticidal routines 6 monthly in our off building .... and apart from 1-2 innocent-looking roach in years I never spotted any insect there.. Im sure 4-starers can afford that.


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