Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Ruby Programming Language
David Flanagan & Yukihiro Matsumoto
In case you couldn't guess all these months, I am in love with Ruby, the programming language. I love it so much that whenever I am working in it (usually in combination with Rails) I completely lose track of time. One of my greatest nocturnal fears is NOT to start working in it near the middle of night or I would sleep most likely at sunrise. The most recent incident happened few days ago and it ruined by sleep schedule. Anyway, this book covers all aspects of it and I know most of them already. I even have a pdf version of it but why did I buy it, you ask, in original and expensive print? Well, check this twisted logic of mine out: I bought it simply because I wanted to support the authors. I love their work and contribution to Open Source community and, in fact, their contribution has earned me few bucks. So, it was time to say thanks, and I wanted to do it with my first Amazon purchase. Crazy, eh?

Designing Design
Kenya Hara
Well, you shouldn't underestimate a Paindoo too much. When I was kid, even in a rural area, I had a "thing" for good designs. I always wondered why things were designed the way they were, and what made them more useful than the counterparts. The first time I handed a sickle I marveled upon how could the handle be better and these kinds of crazy things. In this society design means a truckload of ornaments and twists and colors, which I absolutely disagree with. A design is something that makes things (1) useful, and (2) look good. Recently after watching Objectified I went all crazy about design. Kenya Hara is one of the best designers in the world and Designing Design summarizes his theory about design which I happen to love too: Simplicity. Making designs is all philosophical and to me, a bit spiritual.



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