Saturday, February 6, 2010

In the middle of last year I bought a Blackberry Curve 8310. It was a nice handful of a phone and I used it for couple of months. A lot of people whistled at the sight of it. At public places my title changed from "Bhai Jan" to "Sir". But that's the only benefit I could get out of that expensive brick. I never needed push-email or messenger and stuff like that. Then one day light of sanity shined upon me and I bought Nokia 1202. 1202 is the most basic phone you could imagine. It does not even have GPRS. One thing we look for every time we are looking for gadgets is that which one has most features, regardless of if we are ever going to use them. It just has to be a long list of bullet points on it's specifications. 90% of the phones have bluetooth but we hardly use it, don't we? How many of us use GPRS and cannot live without it? 1202 is the best phone (great reception and voice quality) and has the best keypad I have ever used. Plus I don't have to worry about it since it's dirt cheap. And oh! how can I forget about flashlight? The most rewarding feature for this country.

Probably I was the first guy in Lahore who got first generation iPod nano and I wanted to be the first to get second generation iPod touch. It wasn't available here and a colleague was in Dubai so I asked him to got this for me. I love music and it was the best device to listen on. But then I had to worry about it too. Like nobody steals it, it doesn't get dropped and scratchy and blah blah. My younger sister used it like a shoe and that annoyed me. The time you worry about the accessories of your life is the time they lose their worth. A gadget is there to serve you, you are not to serve it. So, I sold it to buy this iPod shuffle. It doesn't even have a screen to browse music on. It presents a feature VoiceOver you use to move through your music library. And oh yeah, it's great for running because I can slip it on my tee.



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