Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is probably the most fucked up country right now. People are being killed like fucking insects, inflation is skyrocketing, politicians are making swindling legal by passing that NRO, every commodity is at "international price" while people get paid at local rates, provinces are fighting each other while one is celebrating it's own independence day, our President is the biggest looter in our country's history, and on top of that we have fucking Afghanistan as neighbor.

100% of the people are doing something wrong and unethical. Everybody's trying to rob other. More money is handled in Police stations than in banks. Corruption under every fucking brick. I earn 5 times than an average person but cannot buy a house even if I start saving all of my earnings for next 30 years. 100% of my taxes are spent on buying extremely expensive vehicles for Govt. officials who, on papers, get paid 1/3 of my salary but own 100 million rupee houses in posh areas.

I cannot even wish for a revolution. It's not that a particular class is fucking this country up, everybody is ruining it one way or another.



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