Friday, September 25, 2009

When I was getting (much needed) haircut from Cha-cha Siddiq (same person who gave me my first haircut of life), the brawl for Eid moon was occupying TV. Then I asked him "How people long before TV, cell phones and radios used to find out about Eid moon when cloudy?" This is what he said...

"Once when I was a kid, Baba M_____ went to city (12km from my village) on last day of Ramadan to buy things for Eid. When he got there, the city, he saw everyone wearing new clothes and going in flocks towards Eid Gah. Then he ran back to the village and asked everyone to break the fast because it was Eid today. We said Eid prayer next day."

This is one of the many stories of "Innocent Past" I come to hear from my grandmother and old folks around. Suddenly we lost that innocence and made the hell out of everything.



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