Thursday, July 9, 2009

As long as my memory can lead me into the past, I always wanted to write this post. I wrote about everything, shoes, socks, dogs, plants, books, movies, how someone thought I was a rickshaw driver etc. But, I never wrote about my landlady. How could I miss this? I am wondering now.

Imagine this comic book situation, say, Watchmen. I am Dr. Manhattan, only bad and wearing some clothes. I am angry and ready to destroy the world. World leaders and people of every walk of life come and beg me not to destroy the world. But I just wouldn't budge. Then someone, who knows my secret, brings my landlady to stop me. And guess what? I bow down to her right there. I just say OK. Even before she asks me not to do it.

She has this much influence on me.

In my family I am notorious for not doing anything, being lazy and bully all the time. The situation with my landlady is quite opposite. I just can't deny her. My best try was... "N............Okay". There's some magical power to which I surrender. The power I try to avoid every morning when I come down to exit the house. Those few seconds actually decide how much heat I am going to take all day, because I am usually given some bills on their last dates to pay at the bank while standing in 38 degrees and line of 3800. Sometimes she would ask me to pay rent early, which usually means last days of the month. Belonging to the bourgeoisie, I am mostly running short on funds during last week of the month. But I would bring her rent anyway. How? Don't ask. That could make another whole new blog.

So, there have been some events recently that triggered this post. SHE IS BEING NICE TO ME. Yes, don't rub your eyes, you read it fine. Instead of being handed some bills I am inquired about my meals, workload, why I am getting thinner, family, why I don't iron my t-shirts, and what not. It has left me more bewildered than pleased. What could be "wrong" here? A thing or two are flying in my head but I can't really figure out.



Next month is August.

The month she increases the rent in!

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    July 16, 2009 at 10:25 AM
    hahahahahahhahahahaa ;)

    u know me *snooty*


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