Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Human race has never been this sadist. The media, print or electronic, truly represents our addiction to sadism. We all think it’s not good; we all swear that it’s a vice; we all understand that it’s toxic, and above all, we all believe that it’s a sin. But we all stand witness to it that one way or another, directly or indirectly, we support it. We just love it. If we just wanted to eradicate it, would it still exist? We have it because we want it.

Millions of men hour are wasted daily in never-ending discussions about politics and government. The TV is babbling about it. The radio is hissing. The internet is overloaded with all the fancy details. Buses, colleges, shopping malls, drawing rooms, and parks are all filled with the noise of our hatred for what’s being done by government. Inflation, last night’s TV current affair programs, corruption, and lawlessness. But we have reached there where it’s become sadism: we hate it but love to talk about it. For once we get so lost in it that we forget where we are.
But how many of us actually stand against it? Nil. We all just want to talk about it. How many of us actually support government? None. How many of us protest against that? Closer to none. I’m afraid it’s going to replace fiction.

Wrote this last December for a student magazine. Never got published.



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